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powerfulnetworkWe welcome you to this new website representing the Hayward/Castro Valley, California branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW).

Our Branch

The Hayward/Castro Valley Branch of the AAUW invites you to join us in our support of issues important to the status and well-being of women. We have been active in the community for over 72 years, since 1941 when our branch was founded.

Our Mission

AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, research and philanthropy. Our national association sponsors research into equity for girls and women in education and business; provides legal advocacy and financial support to women facing discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace or in schools of higher education; provides grants and fellowships to graduate women; and publishes important research about issues such as financial literacy, science and technical training and pay equity.

Locally we work with our libraries providing uplifting programs that support the mission of AAUW. We also network with the League of Women voters to provide nonpartisan information to the community about issues and candidates, and we support the work of FESCO and the Emergency Shelter Program in their efforts to assist women in crisis.

Funding Programs

Numerous events and activities are planned throughout the year to raise funds for the AAUW Funds which includes the Educational Opportunities Fund, The Eleanor Roosevelt Fund, the Public Policy Fund and the Legal Advocacy Fund. Locally we also raise funds for Tech Trek to send girls to a science camp. The Fall festival evening of wine and desserts is for L.A.F., a Holiday Party and silent auction are for AAUW Educational Fund and the Souper Supper raises funds for Tech Trek and celebrates the girls who attended the previous June.

Special Interest Groups

Our members also experience fun and friendship through participation in interest groups of their choice: drama reading, book reviews, dining out, Bunco, excursions and others. They enjoy social events such as picnics, and our annual holiday party . General meetings are informative and interesting and cover the topics that have been researched by AAUW such as Bullying and Title IX. Our members highly value their associations with the intelligent and talented women and men they meet through AAUW. See the Shareline Newsletter for more information, meeting times and places.


In principle and in practice, AAUW values and seeks a diverse membership. There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization on the basis of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.

Join Us!

Now more than ever, the American Association of University Women needs strength in numbers. With more than 170,000 members and supporters, 1,000 branches, and 800 college and university partners, AAUW uses its powerful voice on critical issues affecting women and girls.

The only requirement for membership in AAUW is that you have a AA degree or higher and are committed to promoting causes important to women.

If you are an undergraduate working toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, get involved by becoming an AAUW student affiliate.

We warmly invite you to join our branch, or just join us for an event. For more information, contact Ursula Batz by email at urspt@earthlink.net.

Learn more about the benefits of membership, including national and regional activities, access to fellowships, grants, and awards and AAUW membership discounts.

AAUW’s Title IX Champion

The Title IX Champion award celebrates the vital Title IX advocacy work of AAUW supporters across the country. Hayward-Castro Valley branch member Elizabeth Kristen recently received this award from AAUW National. We are so proud to have a member who has dedicated her career to making sure that schools comply with Title IX law!

TitleIXChampionElizabeth Kristen does almost everything she can to fight for Title IX. In fact, fighting for Title IX is part of her job. She is both the director of the gender equity and LGBT rights program and senior staff attorney at Legal Aid Society Employment Law Center in San Francisco. Elizabeth has taken on Title IX cases, including a recent one against a San Diego-area school district. Elizabeth has been a huge part of the Title IX fight in the AAUW community. She is a co-creator of the Title IX Program in a Box, Know the Score, has presented on the issue to 25 AAUW branches in California, and has received a grant from AAUW to speak at the AAUW Arlington (VA) Branch. Elizabeth also monitors Title IX compliance in California through her work with the Fair Play for Girls in Sports project.


Who would have thought that a summer time event would be such a huge success?  When I first presented the idea, the Board of the Hayward-Castro Branch of AAUW was a little skeptical that enough members would be in town to turn out in the summer, but that is exactly what happened when we hosted an Afternoon Tea and Fashion Show fundraiser on Sunday, July 28th at the San Lorenzo Homes Association Community Hall themed “Be a Fan of Local Scholarship”.

The Hayward-Castro Valley Branch of AAUW Local Scholarship program has been in existence for over 20 years and traditionally provides a $1,000 annual scholarship to a deserving female student to attend or finish their schooling at one of our Eden Area campuses:  Cal State University of the East Bay or Chabot College.

I am extremely happy to report that we had 61 attendees and raised a substantial $1,666.67 through reservations and donation drawings.  Add to that another generous donation of $4,000 from the estate of former member, Bonnie Smith, brought the grand total to $5,666.67 enough to fund scholarships for several years.

Nancy Turner reads History of AAUW

Nancy Turner reads History of AAUW

However, the event was not only a financial success, the branch gained six (6) new members that day!  Tea table hosts and branch member attendees invited family, friends, and co-workers to join them for the fun and informative afternoon. Nancy Turner read the History of AAUW, authored by longtime AAUW member Jo Harberson, that highlight all AAUW has done to support equity for women and girls through education, advocacy, philanthropy and research.  The reading definitely helped inspire attendees to join our branch.

Planning began in 2012 when I met with Yolanda Shelton, owner of Norma Jeans Boutique & Consignment in Castro Valley.  The idea was simple, they would provide clothing and accessories for models, branch and family members, to wear in the fashion show.  I gathered lots of willing volunteers to host tea tables, make sandwiches and prepare donation drawing gifts, and in addition to Norma Jeans, brought in the Eco Thrift store in Hayward to provide clothing for our younger models.  Both businesses graciously donated casual and dressy outfits for six (6) models ranging in age from 11 to 60+.

As you can imagine events like this do not come together without a lot of enthusiastic support.  I would especially like to thank:

Tea Table Hostesses:  Ursula Batz, Judy Harrison, Patrise Diaz, Connie Rusk, Nancy Turner (my sister), Jean Turner (my mom) and Emily Cassi (my daughter) who brought their beautiful china tea services to share.

Sandwich Makers: Ursula Batz’s cream cheese & cucumber on rye, Nancy Turner’s peanut butter & orange marmalade on wheat, Elaine Wong-Eakin’s ham, apricot jam & cream cheese, Sara Lamnin’s artichoke & cheese, my shrimp & garlic cream cheese, and Jean Turner’s chicken pinwheel (she also brought the cookies).

Models:  Elaine Wong-Eakin, Gail Lundholm, her granddaughter Mackenzie Hearon, Lorelei Self (daughter of Lorelei Self), Emily Cassi, and a staff member from Norma Jeans who all modeled beautifully in the outfits chosen during special group trips to the stores.

John Hendry provides musical entertainment

John Hendry provides musical entertainment

Musical Entertainment and MC:  John Hendry (my brother-in-law) who provided lyrical guitar music to welcome us, and fun pitter-patter between model changes as our Fashion Show MC.

Donation Drawing and Registration:  Michelle Brooks, who managed the ticket sales, drawing, and made a basket, Sara Lamnin who donated a lovely handmade beaded bracelet, Dee Butner who made a basket from the Bunco group, and Pat Buchanan and Ruth Leth who kept track of attendees, registration funds and totaled up the proceeds.

Servers:  Teenagers Angelica Slater (my granddaughter), Danny Arias and friend Emily who made sure all attendees had plenty of tea, sandwiches and cookies.

Setup and Cleanup:  Helene Victor, Dave Butner, Liz Bathgate, Dee Butner, and all who came early and pitched in to setup tables, decorate the room and ensure we were set to go promptly at 4 PM.

Decorations:  Nancy Turner whose varied fan collection graced the walls and Judy Harrison who trimmed the roses for all of the bud vases.

Thank you everyone!  After the tea I got lots of wonderful notes and emails from members thanking the Branch for the event.  I would like to share just one from Bonnie Guinee, AAUW member:

“What an inspired idea to have a tea as a fund raiser!   My sisters, Pat and Margo, and I thoroughly enjoyed the event.  The guitarist was very good.  The kitchen volunteers kept the tea and food coming.  The models were delightful.  It all went so well, it made for a fine afternoon.  So thank you very much and thanks for the pretty fan.”

Mackenzie Hearon in a dressy outfit from Eco Thrift

Mackenzie Hearon in a dressy outfit from Eco Thrift

For all who came, thank you for making the event so much fun and profitable for Local Scholarship.  Hope to see you all at the next event.

See all of the pictures from the Tea & Fashion Show at our Branch website at http://hcv-ca.aauw.net/.

Linda Slater
Local Scholarship Chair