Information on Pay Equity

Forum on Income Inequality

On Saturday April 24th, 2015, the Eden Area League Of Women Voters, AAUW and APAPA sponsored a forum on Income Inequality in our state and county. The video is below. It is long, but the information given was fabulous. You can skip some sections by moving the ball at the bottom along to get to the speakers who are of interest to you in particular. I found all of them very informative and each came from a different direction on this issue. If you have a bit of time, this is a very rewarding video.

Addressing Income Inequality, State, County, and Regional Efforts, a forum held on April 25, 2015. Speaking: Christine Baker, Director of the Calif. Department of Industrial Relations; James Paxson, Chair of the Alameda County Workforce investment Board; and Sasha Werblin, Economic Equity Director of the Greenlining Institute.